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Jazz and its South Carolina Roots: A Jazz History and Education Model of the Charleston Jazz Initiative

by Karen Chandler
May 2009

“Corner Pocket,” “Whirly Bird,” “Trouble in Mind,” “Ballin’ the Jack,” “Tuxedo Junction,” “Since I Fell for You,” and “Brother Blake.” What does each of these musical compositions have in common? Each is connected in some way to South Carolina and Charleston, in particular.

Written by the nearly 50-year veteran of the Basie band, Charlestonian Freddie Green’s “Corner Pocket” is a tune he composed which was later popularized by Sarah Vaughan under the title “Until I Met You.” Search YouTube for a 1965 Basie band performance of “Whirly Bird” featuring Eddie Lockjaw Davis on tenor sax and Charleston native Rufus “Speedy” Jones on a speedy drum solo.

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