Green, Jeffrey Collection

[Jenkins, Edmund Thornton, 1894-1926]; [Jenkins Orphanage Bands] The Jeffrey Green Collection consists of nearly 50 items of Edmund Thornton Jenkins from 1914-1925 and his educational, musical and political life in London and Paris, and the Jenkins Orphanage Bands. The collection includes photographs (taken by Jenkins of Eloise Harleston Jenkins, 1924 and others; Baptist church in North London, 1914; Jenkins Band 1914 London tour, Anglo-American Exposition; Queens Dance Orchestra, 1921; Jenkins with Benjamin Brawley/Morehouse, Robert Nathaniel Dett/Hampton, 1923); articles (Storyville, 1987 and others), postcards (Kursaal in Ostende where Charlestonia was performed, 1925; “Master and Man,” 1914, courtesy Rainer Lotz, Bonn Germany); programs (Coleridge-Taylor program performing Charlestonia, 1919; Coterie of Friends, 1923 with J.P. Johnson, Will Vodery, Florence Mills and others; Southern Syncopated Orchestra, 1921); letters (from Benjamin Brawley to Jenkins, 1919; from Agatha and Percy Chen to Jenkins, 1922); leaflets (The Cameroons, 1916 by William Hughes/Congo Institute, North Wales); newsletters (The Academite with Jenkins as editor, 1919); and books (Archer, first edition,1910). Gift of Jeffrey Green (select materials, courtesy of Rainer Lotz), 2005.

Jim Alexander Photograph Collection

Atlanta-based documentary photographer donated three original and framed photographs to CJI. They include Freddie Green with the Count Basie Orchestra (Atlanta, GA, 1981 and 1986), and Duke Ellington with Cat Anderson (New Haven, CT, 1972). Gift of Jim Alexander, 2005.

Emmanuel Abdul-Rahim Collection

The collection of Emmanuel Abdul-Rahim consists of three items:  a film with Abdul-Rahim and the Duke Ellington Orchestra; a Duke Ellington Orchestra suitcase Abdul-Rahim carried on the road with the orchestra; and the Duke Ellington Orchestra jacket that Rufus “Speedy” Jones and Abdul-Rahim wore as percussionists in the orchestra.  Gift of Emmanuel Abdul-Rahim, 2005.

St. Julian Bennett Dash (1916-1974) Collection

CJI’s largest collection — The St. Julian Bennett Dash Collection, consists of over 60 photographs and manuscripts of the musical career of Dash as an Avery graduate (1934) and tenor saxophonist for Erskine Hawkins. Photographs include those of himself on tenor sax, his family, Dash with the Erskine Hawkins Orchestra (Savoy, 1956), and images of album covers (recordings with Erskine Hawkins, 1939-40, Coleman Hawkins, Eddie “Lockjaw” Davis, Ben Webster, Lester Young, Jay McShann, the Julian Dash Quintet, and the RCA Victor LPM featuring “Tuxedo Junction”). Manuscripts include numerous music reviews (Down Beat, Hot-Club du France, 1970, High Fidelity Magazine, 1971 and 1969 with Jimmy Rushing All Stars, New York Times with Jimmy Rushing, 1969, Saturday Review by Stanley Dance, 1970); articles (“We the People,” the newsletter of Merrill Lynch with Dash and Tommy Benford); musical score of “Tuxedo Junction;” funeral programs, notices and obituary, letters (to Dash from John McCray, 1969), flyers, and programs. Gift of the Dash Family (Roger, John Thompson and Ernest Dash), 2004.

Robert S. Cathcart, Jr. (1909-1992) Collection

The Robert S. Cathcart, Jr. collection consists of 97 items of sheet music, CD recordings, photographs, manuscripts including letters and newspaper articles, and a musical of Cathcart’s songwriting career in Charleston and in collaboration with others.  There are 7 published songs by Cathcart as sole or co-author included as sheet music; 40 songs in “Songs By Bobby Cathcart” written entirely by Cathcart and registered with the U.S. Copyright Office on November 6, 2009 by son, Paul Cathcart; copy of “Lowcountry,” a musical conceived by Cathcart and written by Ernest Travis using 7 of Cathcart’s published songs; 3 photographs of Cathcart (possibly age 35-40), young Cathcart (possibly age 9-11), and one with Cathcart (left), Fud Livingston (center at piano), and Dorothy “Doty” Beall (right); 1 South Carolina Magazine, April 1948.  Recordings and sheet music also include songs composed in collaboration with others including Fud Livingston and Hank Fort. The musical (“Lowcountry”) contains a synopsis, January 14, 1947 letter to the directors of the Charleston Challenges Bureau proposing the production of the musical, the 28-page musical, a letter from Ernest Travis to Cathcart, and letters from Travis to Mayor J. Palmer Gaillard and Senator Ernest F. Hollings.  3 biographies of Cathcart are included that provide a description of Cathcart’s family and musical career, as well as a description of “Lowcountry.

James Lee Jamerson (1936-1983) Collection

The James Jamerson Collection consists of nearly 60 items of family and career photographs in Charleston, Detroit, and Los Angeles including Jamerson’s early jazz career and his Motown career with Stevie Wonder, the Funk Brothers, Gladys Knight, Jackie Wilson, Martha Reeves, Jamerson’s family, and of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame plaque in tribute to Jamerson; Library of Congress Music Division program with signed autographs from the Funk Brothers honoring Jamerson; numerous Motown and other recordings with Jamerson as bassist; numerous articles about Jamerson in trade publications including Guitar Player, Bass Player and the Detroit Free Press, several books including Standing in the Shadows of Motown: The Life and Music of Legendary Bassist James Jamerson; a DVD (“Standing in the Shadows of Motown”); Jamerson paraphernalia, bass transcription of “Please Return Your Love To Me,” and funeral programs (Detroit and Los Angeles) and obituary. Gift of Anthony and Felix McKnight, Bob Lee and Allan Slutsky, 2003.

Elizabeth Carter Prioleau (1919-2006) Collection

The Elizabeth Carter Prioleau Collection consists of three items: a June 24, 1941 exit document of the Jenkins Orphanage Institute for Wilbur Carter (Prioleau’s brother) on Jenkins Orphanage letterhead; an original photograph of the Jenkins Orphanage Band, 1920s (with Wilbur Carter on trumpet); and an original photograph of Wilbur Carter on trumpet with unidentified man, [n.d.]. Gift of Elizabeth Carter Prioleau, 2003.

Rachel Dowling Collection

The Rachel Dowling Collection consists of four photographs. They are of the Shuffle Along Orchestra given to William Lawrence from Eubie Blake (October 1921); 14 unidentified children and adults (possibly early 1900s Jenkins Orphanage photograph); 4 unidentified adult men with Jenkins administrator, John Dowling; and 13 unidentified adult women and men with Jenkins administrator, John Dowling (possible graduation ceremony).  Gift of Rachel Dowling, 2003.



  • Musical score of “Ballin’ the Jack” (Fox Trot, 1913) by Charlestonian and vaudevillian, Chris Smith (1879-1949) and James Reese Europe. Gift of Jack McCray, 2006.
  • Original broadside [unknown] with photographs of Willie Smith, Jimmie Lunceford and James (Trummy) Young autographed by Smith (June 28, 1931). Gift of Cynthia McCottry Smith, 2005.
  • Framed obituary of Freddie Green. Courtesy of Jesse Thrower, 2004.
  • Transcript of Record: State of South Carolina, In the Supreme Court – Appeal from Charleston County, Hon. John S. Wilson, Judge – Lucinda Wigg, Respondent and John H. Pinckney, Respondent against Orphan Aid Society, Appellant (transcript of Reverend Daniel Joseph Jenkins’ testimony). Gift of Gary Towles, 2004.
  • Plantation Echoes (A Three Act All Negro Dramatic Musical Production) – April 16, 1936. Gift of Gary Towles, 2004.
  • 2 manuscripts by Vincent Plush – “Charlestonia [1917]: Reconstructed and orchestrated from the composer’s mss sketches” (unpublished), October 16, 1996 and “Edmund Thornton Jenkins, An Evaluation: Report (unpublished) on Visit to Chicago,” December 1995. Gift of Vincent Plush, 2003.
  • Program from Porgy and Bess presented by the South Carolina Tricentennial Commission and the Charleston Symphony Orchestra Association, [1970]. Gift of James Edwards, 2003.
  • Copy of flyer – Alston Graded School Groundbreaking, Summerville, SC, October 18, 1910 (with music by the Jenkins Orphanage Band). Courtesy of the Post and Courier, 2004.
  • Promotional material for “Better Late Than Never” by Joey Morant, 2003.


  • Numerous photographs of CJI’s Public Programs (including conference presentation for the African American Jazz Caucus, an affiliate of the International Association for Jazz Education, 2006) from 2002-present. CJI Archives.
  • An original and framed photograph of Jack White with Freddie Green and Count Basie. Gift of Jack White, 2004.
  • Two photographs of Joey Morant with Merv Griffin and Paul McCartney. Gift of Joey Morant, 2003.
  • Jenkins Orphanage Band photograph, probably 1931-1937 (with John and Sarah Dowling, William Lawrence, William Leroy Blake, Sr., and Bobby Johnson, brother of the donors. Gift of Catherine Braxton and Rebecca Campbell, 2003.

Original Work (Art/Music/Photographs)

  • “CJ,” an original oil on canvas by Jahsun, 2006 (gift to CJI). Charleston Jazz Initiative
  • Hand-designed flower pot with signatures of CJI presenters and band, African American Jazz Caucus, an affiliate of the International Association for Jazz Education (IAJE) Conference, New York City, 2006. Gift of Clifford and Marlene Gaillard, 2006.
  • “Baby James,” a CJI-inspired original oil on canvas by John Carroll Doyle, 2005.
  • An original photograph of Jabbo Smith and Joey Morant at the Garden Theatre, Charleston, 1986. Gift of Wendell Johnson, 2005.
  • 350 photographs of CJI’s Return to the Source 2005 (official launch), June 2-4, 2005. Courtesy of Jim Alexander and Tony Bell, Documentary Photographers, 2005.
  • Music score of original composition – “Brother Blake” by jazz percussionist, Quentin Baxter, “Brother Blake” – a commission for the official launch of CJI. Gift of Quentin Baxter, 2005.
  • An original and framed photograph by documentary photographer, Jim Alexander of the Duke Ellington Orchestra with Rufus “Speedy” Jones (20” x 23”), New Haven, CT, 1972. Gift of Muriel Potts, 2005.
  • 2 Quilts of James Jamerson and the Jenkins Orphanage by Dorothy Montgomery, 2004 (gift to CJI).

Audiotapes/CD Recordings

  • Audio recordings from Cliff Smalls, 2006.
  • Arthur Briggs: Hot Trumpet in Europe, 1927/1933 – Jazz Archives – No. 10 – EPM Remastering 1995 – Paris, France. Gift of Jack McCray, 2003.
  • Lieut. Jim Europe’s 369th U.S. Infantry “Hell Fighters” Band: The Complete Recordings, 1996 – Memphis Archives – MA7020 – Memphis, TN. Features Lieut. Noble Sissle, Vocals; Eugene Mikell, Assistant Conductor; Eubie Blake, Civilian Liaison; Herb Flemming and Amos Gillard,
  • Trombones; Herbert Wright and Stephen Wright, Percussion. Gift of Jack McCray, 2003.


  • Videos and DVDs of CJI’s Public Programs (including conference presentation for the African American Jazz Caucus, an affiliate of the International Association for Jazz Education, 2006) from 2002-present. CJI Archives.
  • Newsfilm Clips of Jenkins Orphanage Band 1926 (silent) and other outtakes – University of South Carolina Newsfilm Archive. Gift of Julie Hubbert and USC Newsfilm Archive, 2005.
  • Video on the making of “Baby James” – 48” x 36”, Oil on Canvas by John Carroll Doyle. Gift of John Carroll Doyle, 2005.
  • Fox Movietone Newsreel Outtakes: Jenkins Orphanage Band 1928 (sound) – Movietone outs for Jenkins Orphanage – University of South Carolina Newsfilm Archive. Gift of Julie Hubbert and USC Newsfilm Archive, 2004.


  • Autographed program by Dianne Reeves from Spoleto’s Wachovia Jazz Series, 2005.
  • Autographed program by symposium presenters from CJI ‘s Return to the Source 2005.
  • Brick from Jenkins Orphanage (1930s). Gift of Rachel Dowling, 2005.
  • Jenkins Orphanage T-Shirt. Gift of Marion Joyce Trescott , 2003.

Related Archival Collections and Source Materials Elsewhere

  • Avery Research Center for African American History and Culture, College of Charleston
  • Institute of Jazz Studies, Rutgers University
  • Jazz-Institut, Darmstadt, Germany
  • South Carolina Historical Society, Charleston
  • South Caroliniana Library, University of South Carolina
  • South Carolina Educational Television video of Jenkins Orphanage Bands, 1996, Beryl Dakers, Producer
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