Carolina Cotton Pickers

The Carolina Cotton Pickers was the seminal touring band created in the 1920s from the roster of Jenkins Orphanage Band musicians. Some of the earliest musicians included Alonzo Mills, Walter Bash, John “Shadow” Wilson, Thaddeus Seabrook, Walter Hills, James “Buster” Anderson, William Blake, the Jenkins Orphanage Band music instructor and band director from 1920-1958, and Joseph Smalls. Later members included Clifton Smalls, Julian Dash, Julius Watson, and many others.The Carolina Cotton Pickers recorded Irving Berlin’s “Marie” and Bennie and Buster Moten’s “Western (Moten) Swing” on several albums — The Territory Bands: 1935-37, (2001, Jazz Band), The Real Kansas City (1925, Columbia/Legacy), and Kansas City of the 20s, 30s, 40s (1996, Columbia).

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